Update (December 11): If you need any products to arrive in time for Xmas, please check first if we have enough in stock. Email badges@campaignbadges.co.uk. Thanks!

It’s that time of year again … Looming over us is the annual Xmas binge of tooth decay, frenzied commodity fetishism and stinging hangovers.

We can’t solve all your Xmas gift conundrums, but we’re pretty sure we have something that would be genuinely appreciated by the lefty in your life. We have recently expanded our range of products and here are some of the items that have been best sellers on stalls and online. Fingers crossed they might solve some of your Xmas shopping headaches – but send your order in soon to ensure you’re not delayed by the near-Xmas madness!

As you are planning the year ahead with our working class/progressive movement calendar, you can keep in mind our past with its featured interesting and inspiring facts, anniversaries and pictures from the struggle in this country and around the world.

We have a new range of mugs featuring the doyens of our movement such as Sylvia Pankhurst, Rosa Luxemburg and – inevitably – that Corbyn bloke. And while you slurp your tea and muse on the iniquities of the world, jot your ‘big thinks’ down in one of these customised notebooks!

We have also produced a range of fantastic posters from the Russian Revolution, Labour Party election campaigns and works by graffiti artist Banksy. They are printed on A4 glossy card (350gsm) and look good enough to go on the wall as they are. But stick them in an A3 frame and they really look fab!


And make sure there’s no mistaking your take on the world by wrapping your gifts in our shiny new Marx & Engels or Jeremy Corbyn wrapping paper. Top it off with a Jeremy Corbyn or 'Marxist greetings' card and voila! You’ll have made the lefty you love a very happy bunny. And perhaps permanently alienated your Daily Mail-reading, migrant-hating git of an uncle.

Xmas sorted - result!

* * * * * * * *


Remember for the new year - we can also help you to make money for your campaign: The more you buy, the cheaper our campaigning materials get. All prices include postage & packaging to one address in the UK (email us if you're abroad). We can also produce your own designs.

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